Monday, December 21, 2015

Update, Tips & Kitchen Favorites

So I finally finished the other two Christmas Stockings 
and got them all shipped. I always feel better 
when I get something accomplished even if it's a small project. 
I'm sure my grand babies will love them.

Here's my latest video about Kitchen Favorites,
a tip for your weather station & chit chat.
I didn't realize it was a little long so hopefully
next time I can find the happy medium...
say 10 min. LOL!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day...

As always keep Jammin Along!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where did the time go?

Wow!!! since hitting the road Sept. 26th 2015 it 
seems the time has flown by so fast I don't even know 
where to start. Well... how about the beginning!

The first trip took us from Spokane, Wa. to Tucson, Az. 
and it was a quick trip into the boiler. Arizona heat that is! 
Had a great time at the PBR Bull Riding event watching 
my favorite bull rider Mike Lee. Here's a recap from when I watched him in March at the Seattle PBR Event...

Whoa it's HOT!! We gotta get out of this heat so 
north we head to Payson, Az. Spent a week there regrouping but it was still quite warm. On the agenda was getting our custom desks built so we did some research while laying low. We found a place in Junction City, Oregon but since we don't recommend them, I won't go into details. So further north we head and on our way to meet our appointment we got very lucky missing the mud slide on
 SR 58 in Tehachapi by one day. Whew!

After Oregon we decided to head back to the house to regroup, drop a few things off and pick a few things up for the next adventure. We stayed home for about 5 days before heading south again, this time to get out of the COLD! 
Snow birding here we come!!

OMGosh will the wind ever stop? 
It seemed to follow us everywhere with the worst 
blowing 35 mph in New Mexico & Texas! 
We arrived in small town Texas just in time for Thanksgiving with family & grand babies however it was some of the worse weather yet. Constant rain, flooding & oh yes a nasty cold from the little ones 
but we still love them to the moon and back!! 

Once the holiday was over and we were good enough to drive we headed back to AZ which brings us to... Picacho Peak State Park & yes we're parked for 2 whole weeks. 

So what am I doing for enjoyment?
Sewing Christmas Stockings (my yearly tradition) 
and enjoying the park!

Oh and I almost forgot... 
We're working on healthy eating again!!

More about that to come....

Until next time, always keep

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thelma got a bath!!

So I've been slowly editing my 
'new intro' 
and hopefully I can keep it interesting for all of you.
We'll see if I can keep up with that once we 
hit the road next month.

Got a new video... quick update!

Also been working on Thelma getting her
setup in some new bling bling!!
Thelma got SOLAR!!!

More info on the complete install coming soon....

Thanks for stopping by and as always, 

keep Jamminalong!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The New FLOOR!

Yay! The new floor is down and 
all that's left is the trim work!

Soon we'll be heading south (Phx AZ) to have our 
custom built-in desks installed by a family member.

No unfortunately he's not for hire at this time!


We also just finished up a family visit here in town 
with the grand babies! What a blast!!

Got our youngest through college and starting a new job! 
Another YAY!!

SO.... with that said, it's just a matter of packing
the RV & getting through the next 6 weeks.

Yes more videos & pics will be coming soon!!!
I can't wait! 

Cheers and as always...

keep Jamminalong!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Started the remodel...

We removed the dinette & couch so we can 
install office desks since we'll be 
working on the road. Also ripped the 
carpet/linoleum and will lay new flooring.

It's amazing how much room there is once 
you get the dinette out of the walk-way!
Don't think we'll miss a slide...
at least for now! 

As always keep jamminalong!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Walk Thru of our Fleetwood


Finally finished the Walk Thru video 
of our Fleetwood Fiesta 31H.

And here are a few pics!

As always, keep jamminalong!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quick Update: Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everyone!!

Just a quick update and then I'll be posting
a video of the walk-thru of our 
2004 Fleetwood Fiesta 31H.

Thanks for watching!! 

As always, keep jamminalong!!